Friday, August 19, 2011


Wonder, one of my favorite words. I am full of wonder as I move forward in my creative life. 
I wonder how things will go as I continue in my journey and progression as an artist. 
I wonder what I might I create? 
wonder if my work will bring someone joy? 
What I do know is that I love to make art,
I know this what I should be doing. 

What I do know is that the word wonder can become wonderful

This place, here, where you and I are sharing words, will where I will share my life as an artist. Share my art. Share my inspiration. Thanks for stopping by.

Speaking of words; I love words in art. The shapes of the letters in them, how they fill a space, how they stand next to each other and make sense.  I have a favorite letter, the letter e, lowercase or uppercase. I always thought how e.e.cummings signed his name was cool. in a rebellious lower case way! Maybe that is where the inspiration
comes from?

Do you ever wonder when you are going to become
who you are meant to be?

For me, now it begins……


  1. It is hard to believe this is your first post - so "wonderful"! I love the way you used your art in this picture and then the questions - very effective. Borrowing from you, Que Chevere!

  2. You;ve got off to a great start - I love the picture and the way you used the word in it.
    Wonder is also a fab word ! And i am pretty sure it will develop into "wonderful" on your blog !

  3. Dear Deborah,

    Truly inspiring post. I love the way you made the connection between wonder and wonderful! I had never thought about it that opens up so many possibilities, doesn't it? All leading to a wonderful conclusion. Thank you!....and I'm following too!

  4. What a wonderful post Deborah. I'm so looking forward to your posts.

  5. amazing! can't wait to see what else you have in store for your blog and art!

  6. Beautiful post. Great photography too. You're a pro already.

  7. Beautifully said! You're off to a "wonder-ful" start!

  8. Congratulations Deborah! cheers to a wonderful start on your blog!

  9. Wishing you success on your journey of discovery and in your pursuit of wonder within art and beyond ... Love and hugs my friend!

  10. Thanks to all for stopping by and leaving kind and encouraging words. I feel steadier on my feet with all of you here. Gran Abrazos(big hugs) my friends.-D

  11. Love your first post! Your blog is beautiful, clean and I want to read and see more! ;)
    Lisa Michele

  12. I love this post! Your studio space looks so inviting. I have to agree with you, I feel steadier too with all the flying support. I look forward to watching your journey.

  13. Lisa, Thank you. I stopped by your blog last night. Beautiful jewelry. I really like your subheading for your blog/shop. "Inspiring Joy Through Conscious Living". Well said, I want to do the same!

  14. Kelly, Not sure why my first reply got lost. Anyway. Thanks for stopping by.
    I want you to know that you inspired my putting in my studio photos! I saw that in your first post you showed your studio. I remember thinking cool, I can do that. Flying Support! This is a great group, so glad I too the class. -D

  15. Loved the photo. It looks so serene.

  16. Mmmmmm...... your work is proof positive that the visit to Azuma made an impression on you. I'll never forget how that little girl at my side marveled at the colors and shapes she saw in her newly purchased kaleidoscope. That spirit shines through in your work....Well done! Love it! Madrina would love it too. Never stop creating.



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