Monday, July 30, 2012

Beauty from Scraps

Modern Sunflower                                                                                   by Velásquez©2012

A happy design accident happened as I carved a floral stamp with my favorite five petal motif. I wanted a permanent stamp of the flower found on my marketing pieces. 
As I carved and then cut away the edges, the grooves on the stamp intrigued me. 
I thought they would make a cool design. I took my ink and paints out and decided to see what I could make with the off cuts. I was pleasantly surprised. 
I created the Modern Sunflower pictured above. 

Now when I carve I plan to file the off cuts for future design fun as opposed to throwing them away.

The start of the Modern Sunflower with some off cuts. 
Some of the grooves I found intriguing.
More mark making with off cuts. This is quite a sweet little flower, don't you think?
Made from scraps! Love that.

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