Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Test Week for the Artist, Vendor, Mother and Student

This week is a challenge in itself as I get ready for a two day show this weekend and as I posted on Monday I have started a new online course. I am just taking deep breathes and taking it all in as "good stuff". I am still making some time for the kids with a bit of gardening, reading and painting. My oldest just cracked open his new Moleskine® sketch book and my youngest prefers oil sticks to crayons! My breaks with them help me relax a bit. 
Having just finished The May Flower Challenge, I sorted out all my supplies as I needed to work on everything at the same time as showtime nears and my class assignments become due. 

Here are all my favorite supplies. 
First You must always start with good coffee of course!

I could have twenty brushes in front of me and I stick to my lucky three. Do you do the same? What are your favorite supplies to create with?

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