Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Flower Challenge Day Fifteen • Twigs and Blossoms

Twigs and Blossoms by Velásquez©2013

Here is my final  piece at 18 x24. Follow my post photos and you can see my steps from start to finish.

How things started at my desk this morning. I knew I wanted to build my blossoms on the twigs so I used acrylic ink and painted the blossoms with waterclolors.
Twigs as my base, this image has been in my head all week, so glad to put it on paper.
A great start, I was going to stop here and finish tomorrow but I was inspired to finish as I saw the lovliness in the buds develop in paint.

Single Pink Blossom by Velásquez©2013

Pink Blossoms for day fifteen of the May Flower Challenge . Really enjoyed getting the paints out again after a week not painting. 

If you want to start the challenge, each day you can post your flower creation, whether it is a doodle, drawing, photograph, collage or painting. This challenge has been started by Lori Moon, fellow blogger, talented photographer and jewelry artisan. Sign up and join in on the flower fun. Can't wait to see what you create as well! Please note: You do NOT have to participate every day. Play along on a specific day each week or only once - whatever inspires you. Join the challenge, here, it is going to be fun. 
I love this challenge not because I have a love for drawing, painting and printing flowers but it is an excellent way to build up your motif library. It also keeps your drawing hand in motion and the creative flow becomes a part of your being.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Pink Trio Blossoms by Velásquez©2013

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I think I would have to say my fav so far:)

  2. These are beautiful! Absolutely love them!

  3. this is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Very beautiful! I love this one.

  5. Great combination of ink and watercolor. Really vibrant color on the blossoms.

  6. Deborah, this is so beautiful! I love how the black twigs showcase your colorful and delicate blossoms!

  7. This is such a beautiful piece!!! You definitely have to show this one in your portfolio!!


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