Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mood Indigo...Me, Nina and Flowers


Feeling Indigo. Working a blue story today with my flowers. 
Loved having time to paint today.   
Heres is a look at my studio desk. 

At play with flowers in watercolor and working on some surface pattern design. 

Feeling Indigo                                                                                   by Velásquez©2012 

 Indigo Sketched                                                                               by Velásquez©2012 

 Petals Indigo                                                                                          by Velásquez©2012 

I usually listen to Nina Simone while working in the studio. 
So here you go with Mood Indigo by Nina Simone.
What do you listen to while you you are working?

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  1. Beautiful!!! You work is truly fantastic!

  2. Love! I see beautiful bedding with that pattern.

  3. Love it....had a fab time in your country too, thankyou so much for the recommendations earlier this year x

  4. These are Beautiful..and inspiring! Hugs!!

  5. Super beautiful, Deborah. I listen to Nina too, but my everyday working music is Bach. Anything of Bach.


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