Thursday, August 30, 2012

Follow the line

Yellow Series                                                                           by Velásquez©2012 

More painting today with water colors. I continue to mix line with wash as is my style, whether it is a flower, a bird or abstract shape. I love the the way lines form when ink or paint flows off a brush or from a Sharpie. 
When the ink hits the paper I just follow the line. I love the simplicity of line.

Yellow Pods                                                                                  by Velásquez©2012 

Lined Yellow Pods                                                                        by Velásquez©2012 

Lines on Yellow Series                                                           by Velásquez©2012 

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  1. Your doing great, I love lines, anything and doodling is my longtime love...Love the patterns you are getting with the mix or strokes with different values and the lines..Brutal!!! I just finished Watercolor Bliss with Alisa Burke, she loves the use of lines, too.

  2. You have an amazing eye for pattern. Love it!

  3. Deb, I just love that bottom piece! What a lovely yellow!!


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