Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eggplants, Purple and a Playdate

Today started without painting, without drawing, not even the ususal warm up sketch exercises. 
Feeling a bit out of sorts from my creative and artistic self. I surrendered to a day of meetings, school drop off, school pick up and a play date. Then, I found this beautiful purple beauty called eggplant during my son's play date. While the kids played I had great conversation about bringing up children, inspiration, art and blogging with my friend. We had a chance to flip through a few magazines too! Inspired by the color purple I was able to find the beauty of this color in her garden. I pulled some pics together to share here. What I found funny is that Thursday's color is purple!

The color 

Is uplifting

Is calming to the mind and nerves
Offers a sense of spirituality
Encourages creativity
Is the color of good judgement
Is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment
It is the color of mystery and magic
Is a cool color in landscape design. 
Has a calming effect in a garden.
Visually recedes in a garden, makes a small space feel larger.
It is known to be the color of royalty
Is said to be loved by children a favorite of artists
 Represents the planet Jupiter
So surround yourself with purple for piece of mind.


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