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Paul Rand • Conversations with Students

Paul Rand
Paul Rand, you may or may not know him but he has either inspired you, taught you or shaped how you see and appreciate design. As a visual communicator he is said to be the most influential and innovative graphic designers of the Twentieth Century. I picked up Paul Rand, Conversations with Students by Michael Kroeger at the Strand while in New York. If you are ever the CIty as I have said before you must stop there. You can get lost in there for days! 
The design/art books are just incredible. Make sure you stop upstairs and checkout the rare book section. 

The Paul Rand book is a great read. It is in a back and forth conversational style. It feels as if you are back in art school. A chat with those with more experience talking about design, line, form, active space or passive space etc....makes you think, makes you see. An artist, designer, crafter, stylist, or all around creative person falls under the same creative process umbrella with how we see color, layout, balance, form, texture, shape, line and scale. 
So this book is for all of you. 

Words from Paul Rand:

I am happy to say that I have a couple of books illustrated by Paul Rand and written by his wife Ann Rand. Little 1 written in 1962 and I Know a Lot of Things in 1956. I have included my two favorite spreads from each book. I initially bought the books for my youngest son. I love them so much, they sit on the top shelf of my bookcase way out of arm reach! 

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  1. Wow! Those books are fab and right up my alley!! Thanks for sharing :) hope to find some for my collection one day. XO


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