Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bird Mobile Prototype

Needed to make something with my hands, I wanted to create away from the computer. I like making simple mobiles to hang around the house and they have a nice energy and movement about them. I found some lovely scrap booking paper in the studio to use for my template. I cut bird bodies, wings and tails. I mixed the color combinations to give the birds interest.
I put a slits on bird bodies in order to attach the wings and tails. You can see the cuts in the above photo. I traced all pieces and put the birds together. For more stability the wings and the tails should be glued on their undersides. After making small holes at the top and bottom of each bird body I attached the birds with thread. I simply knotted the thread to hold the birds together.I may use cording for the final mobile.
Mobile Prototype
Making just for fun!
If you would like to see previous posts with mobiles, here is a flower one and here is a word one that was my wedding invitation, you will need to scroll down to end of post. Enjoy!

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