Friday, September 23, 2011

Word Paths • My Always....

 Busy in the studio creating some word art and exploring word paths. 
Loving my acrylic ink, oil sticks, and pencil. I use these a lot in my work. 
If I work on a canvas instead of paper in making word art I replace the acrylic ink with acrylic paint.

All work by Deborah Velásquez
My Always Friend ©2011, Black Belt Pillow Fighter ©2011, Black Belt Pillow Fighter tee ©2009
Word paths for me are like a line of movement. One word leads another, linked by thought first then by pen and paint in my case. Everyone has a word path, we all take different paths with our word expression in emphasis, pause, cadence even language. 
It may also depend on who is on the receiving end be it your husband, wife, child, mother, father , sister, brother or your friend. 
I want to make my word paths a Friday feature. 
 I plan to work them out artistically and process them to share with you here. It will make a nice bridge to Monday. The plan is to present three to five words or three to five lines. I may go to seven words or seven lines but probably not often only if needed. 
You know how artists are! 
I want  keep things in an odd number format. I like odd numbers. Sounds like something I remember from art school. 
Remember, as I have said before say them out loud. 

Here is my word path for today.

My Always Friend                                                                        Deborah Velásquez ©2011

We move along
                                                                                            our paths
                                                                                                our route
                                                                                                     the road
                                                                                                          a lane
                                                                                                            a track
                                                                                                        a byway
                                                                                                the footpath
                                                                                               a crosscut
                                                                                             a course
                                                                                         a purpose
                                                                                    a way of life
                                                                                  el paseo
                                                                                 an avenue
                                                                                   a trail
                                                                                      the fairway 
                                                                                       a circuit
                                                                                         the way
                                                                                            el camino

either deliberately running, or hesitating with each small step we take. 
Like the first time you told someone you loved them. 
Even the way we string our curse words together sound like poetry. 
I admit I do like to curse sometimes. 
I usually do it in Spanish these days.....and then you hear "MOM! I know I don’t know what your saying and no one else knows what you are saying but I know you are cursing". 
I just laugh. 
He sees me as a real person, faults and all. 
I love that. 
I am usually cursing at things not people. For example, like chairs that get in my way, steps that move and make me trip. 
The other day I got into a fight with my paint and it ended up all over my white shirt and the floor. 
Boy did the room fill with Spanish poetry and song! 

Here is a little history
My word paths began when I designed my wedding invitation which contained the words Courage, Love and Laughter silk screened onto vinyl cards that I made into a mobile and sent to our guest. The reverse side had the same words but in Spanish. 
Valor, Amor y Risa. It continues to this day with my magnets. I think in Spanish sometimes not just curse! I always run my word paths in my head in Spanish, I find the language to be beautiful, musical and fiery. 
So when you stop by again my word paths may be bilingual
Wedding Mobile Word Art©1999 by Velásquez

Happy Weekend • Make Art • Enjoy the Language of Words
There is only silence without words.


  1. Deborah - - this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love everything. The way you write, the beauty of the layout, the warmth and truth behind your words they tell a story. I look forward to following your Friday theme. Bravo!

  2. That's really beautiful, Deborah. Loved it.

  3. This is a great idea... Love it. Maybe you could open it up and let your readers participate?!!! This is a fun!

  4. Awesome Girl! Really enjoying you, your spirit, your words. I love to write thoughts down. Short notes on life. I've been saving them up, waiting to share them. You are inspiring me to find clever ways to do so. Thank you!

  5. Love words and script. I could sit for hours writing random thoughts- focusing more on the flow of lines rather than the thoughts. Did that just make sense? Oh well..enjoyed your blog post and think its a very clever theme for fridays. If you open it up to participants I would love to contribute. I also like the idea of opening up a flickr group for it.( I think I read that you were thinking of this?) Enjoy the weekend! Julie

  6. Such a beautiful idea and way to start the weekend, giving us all some words to ponder and think about their meanings to us. Beautiful. Liza xxx

  7. Just seeing this now! so nice, beautiful
    ps Love the caption on the tee- I'm pretty ace at pillow fighting :-) x

  8. This is so beautiful Deborah. I love how you made the words a little path!

  9. Love this! I wish I was better with words, but I do enjoy reading them. thanks you for such a beautiful post xo

  10. Love your wedding invitations, great idea! Your words are wonderful and your post is inspiring!


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