Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Flower Challenge • Flower Mobile

Mobile of Cut Paper Flowers • May Flower Challenge • Day Thirty

A mobile of cut paper flowers for day Thirty of The May Flower Challenge . 
This challenge has been started by Lori Moon, fellow blogger, talented photographer and jewelry artisan. Just one more day to go! This has been a fun challenge, it kept the creative juices going, thanks Lori!

I decided to take yesterday's cut flowers and make a mobile by sewing the cut flowers into a garland. I hung it in my home, not sure how long it will stay up with a two year old eyeing it every time he walks by. Giggles!

Make sure to visit the other artists who are participating in the challenge at Lori Moon's websiteI love challenges like this because it helps build reference material for your body of work, it adds to your sketchbook, portfolio, motif library if you are a Surface pattern designers and so on. On  to the next challenge!

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  1. I am in love, love, love with this! Seriously so much fun. xoxo

  2. Lovely! Sorry I sort of dropped off at the end.....lot's going on. it was fun though!

  3. So cute! Yeah, that wouldn't have lasted 3 minutes in my house when the girls were little!

  4. I am liking your flowers...and loving the little peak of your house behind! You definitely rose to the flower challenge...well done. Sending you email re.use of one of your images. Thanks! Julie


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