Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flowers, Paint and Type

Inspiration from a very old gardening issue of Martha Stewart Magazine. I kept it because I am such an allium fan. My problem is that I never plant the bulbs when I am suppose to in the fall and I end up buying plants when gardening season comes around.
 Allium Watercolor                                                             by Velásquez©2013

Decided to paint my alliums with watercolors instead of gouache. I find myself turning to watercolors more and more lately....not sure why...I do find them to be fun, easy, not fussy and unexpected. I feel as if I am sketching in color.

I wanted to play with some script type because the word allium has fun letters for painting with a bit of rhythm in stroke.

 Allium Watercolor                                                       by Velásquez©2013

I love the combination of type and art.

Lined Allium Watercolor                                                       by Velásquez©2013

A variation on the allium watercolor with some line work added to give a different feel to the  of the flower artwork. Not as soft but a bit more modern in feel. 

Lined Allium Watercolor                               by Velásquez©2013

 More playful combinations of type and art.

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Allium Watercolor                               by Velásquez©2013

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