Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working out of my Comfort Zone, I am Embracing Magenta

What I have been working on this week....

Getting started and the art is leading the way. What started as a cityscape is looking more like the seaside with a cabana feel. I am using gouache, which I love as you know. Smooth, flat and forgiving. 
Deciding on a  color palette.

I loved how this pink was flanked by my two favorite colors on the grocery store shelf. This is where my color choices began

 When I started to think about painting I took my color Inspiration from Harney and Sons tea canisters and a vintage 1967  book by Dahlov Ipcar, The Song of The Day Birds and The Night Birds. My color palette always has a familiar orange and powder blue. I reached out of my comfort zone towards a more pinkish color finally settling on magenta/ fuchsia.

Progress on the seaside piece almost finished!

Voilà! all Done
        Seaside Village                                                                            by Velásquez©2013

 Take a look at my previous posts here and here to see where I started this colorful adventure.
Working outside my comfort zone proved to make a fun piece, I love how it turned out.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. This is gorgeous Deborah, great balance. Really like your style!

  2. I love the way that morphed from a cityscape to a seaside scape. Love those colors! I used to paint in gouache all the time. I love the feel of it as it goes onto the paper.

  3. This is wonderful: design and color! I used gouache for years and miss it.... I'm betting all my tubes are dried out, but I should check! Your work is just so much fun!!!

  4. This is cool! I always use turquoise blue, lime green, magenta and orange. The black makes it all pop! Gorgeous!


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