Friday, March 8, 2013

Word Path • Just Three Words for International Women"s Day

My Word Paths for today

I have always loved this quote from Whoopi Goldberg as Celie in the Color Purple,

Celie: [on leaving the farm in Shug's car, shouting to Albert]
" I'm poor, black, I might even be ugly, but dear God, I'm here. I'm here". 

I think about those last two words a lot, "I'm here" and that inspired today's work "i am here". Simply said, says so much. The importance of being here as a woman and to honor and respect those who came before us.

Happy International Women's Day!

                                                                                                    I Am Here©   by Velásquez©2013

Happy Weekend • Celebrate Women • Enjoy the Language of Words

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  1. I missed this one somehow. I absolutely love this. Powerful and necessary.


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