Friday, March 30, 2012

Six Degrees of Inspiration

Trend and color filter into our lives at every turn. Everything around us is influenced by fashion and design from color palette or scheme to interiors to product. Someone, let's say an artist, a designer is inspired by a color, he or she produces a product in that color, then product is purchased by an "influencers". Other "influencers" talk about the product, which gives it "legs". People want to emulate the influencers or just may be inspired by them and buys the product themselves. Sometimes there is a perceived added value because if the "influencer" bought the product it must be good. From there it goes on and on with a  trickle down effect.

Put this tear sheet on my wall from House and Home Magazine,
it makes a great quick reference for color.
Spread from House and Home Magazine 
Great Pattern and Color Inspiration
Elle Collections Magazine     Fashion/Peter Pilotto

When I picked up Elle Decoration a favorite mag there was a wonderful Fashion report to be had inside. It felt rich and important printed on uncoated stock. Makes you stop and have a look. It was all about how the catwalk influences the way we live. There is a quote in the report by one of my designer crushes, Paul Smith, a brilliant designer from the UK that reads...

"Fashion, design, furniture, film, architecture, textiles-all leave an impression each other"-Paul Smith

A peek inside the Elle Decoration Trend Report
This is the time of year when ideas for new work start percolating and I turn to books and mags for inspiration at the start. The Spring season influences the fresh start with new ideas. It is also a great time to be outside drawing and painting. The weather has been absolutely lovely. From my magazine stash here are a few of my favorites:
House and Home from Canada never disappoints always full of great ideas. Quite fantastic
when it comes to the Color Issue.

Living etc., Vogue Australia, The World of Interiors and Inside Out. These are so gorgeous it is tough to tear them up for mood boards and inspiration boards.

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  1. I need to check out that House & Home color issue - totally awesome!


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