Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kids Print and Pattern Book Submissions

Pink Elephant Floral                            by Deborah Velásquez©2012

Wanted to pop in and say hello! I have been designing, designing and designing. Just coming up for air.  
I have been living in the week of deadlines. 
I wanted to share with you two submissions I sent in to The Print and Pattern blog call for entries on all things children, from patterns, fabric, illustrations to clothing. This is such a wonderful blog, it "celebrates the world of surface pattern design in fabrics, wallpaper, cards, stationery, gift wrap, ceramics and much more. Bowie Style of  Print and Pattern is going to publish a book on Prints and Patterns for kids. Judging from how wonderful Print and Pattern Book One and Two  turned out this one should be quite wonderful and inspiring as well. Designers and artists were asked to submit five to ten designs for consideration. 
I sent my ten in! Fingers crossed. Wish me luck!

Giraffes in Jungle Flora                                                                                     by Deborah Velásquez©2012

All images and content belong to Deborah Velásquez. Copyright 2005-2012.  All rights reserved.
Please do not use anything without permission or without making note of the origin on your blog or website.


  1. Beautiful work, all the best Deb. :D

  2. Love these, especially the pink & green one!

  3. Wonderful! I love your copyright statement at the bottom too : )

  4. I like them too. I saw them on your flickr account and was wondering if you were going to submit them. I have my fingers crossed! Its taking sooo long for April and the start of this course to get here. I am loving all that I see. Chat soon juliex

    1. Hey Julie,
      Can't wait for April to get here for YOU!! I submitted Ten things, so we will see!!

  5. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your lovely words and support!! I will keep you posted!!


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