Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Playing with Scissors Again....

Meet some of my fun, children inspired characters.


I was back to cutting paper. I used card stock from my some off cuts from my printed card line.
Trying to use what I have on hand in the studio before heading to the art store!
Here are some sample designs from my card line that I used:

E Squiggle, Geometric and Abstract Floral by Velásquez© for The Surface Collection©

You can see where I the eyes and noses for my characters came from. I used the center pattern of the flower for the body of Potamus. The ears came from a paper bag. I wanted to see if I took the simple line approach with paper cutting if I could come up with something childlike. I ran all my characters by my children for approval. They helped me out immensely in keeping it simple yet recognizable. This was a fun exercise. 

 I wanted to see how a possible placement print would look. I also repeated the pattern to see how that would look. These designs would work nicely as a fabric print or wrapping paper.

        Zoo Friends, Ellie, Gira and Potamus                                                                          by Velásquez©2012                                                                                                                                  

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