Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Children's Influence on Art and Home

Well the kids are home on vacation. School ended the middle of last week. Here we are again juggling.... making art, fulfilling orders and making summer fun for the kids. We will attempt to divide the day and make it work for everyone. 
I will make a bit of free exercise art in the morning before the "breakfast and getting ready rush", we will get some outside time, library time and friend time in the afternoon. We went to the nature center yesterday and then out for lunch. In the late afternoon I will prep and set up in the studio for the real work to attend to later. The kids can join me for this. Back into the house for some dinner then the hand off to the husband, and off for a few hours in the studio. Fingers crossed for my routine. 

Here is an example of a variation of a morning time exercise I call one liners that I shared in a previous post. pInstead of leaving the pen down and applying a continuous line I did some stop, start line patterns on narrow stock, love the look I got in the end. I want to do more of these. Great for backgrounds in surface pattern design work.
I made copies of the original art made on card stock and played with solid color alphabet type. I have only gotten through the letter e can't wait to see how the finished alphabet will look. This will make a great piece of art for the kids. Funny how the kid's influence all we do from our schedules and our art as well!

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  1. That is sooooo cool! Now I want to get out my Pitt Pen! I wonder what it would look like if your kid's painted the letters on that background with a big fat brush? Something to play with......

  2. happy summer, deborah! good luck with your balancing act, and your lines are really cool!


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