Monday, July 16, 2012

Distracted by a Dress

Went to a "another" favorite shop that carries vintage and vintage inspired clothes and just fell in love with this print on a maxi dress, so I had to buy the dress. I wanted to display the dress in my studio for inspiration but when I put it on a wooden hanger it did not do the dress justice. It was almost like eating a gourmet meal on a paper plate. So for the past few days instead of making art I have been playing with ribbons and a hanger! I decided to wrap some found ribbon to jazz up the hanger. The dress deserved to be displayed on a nice hanger.

 Some of my ribbon choices.

Pleased with the color combination and how it turned out.
Voilà, much better!
Thank you for stopping by!
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  1. THIS is exactly why we are friends!! I wish you lived a little closer. Now get that dress off the hanger and go out and do something fun! Julie

    1. Wish you
      Lived closer too!!!I will save the dress for a meet up in NY or MV! To top it off I got it on sale !!!

  2. Beautiful. Love what Julie said too.

    1. Thanks!! Looking forward to seeing you in two months!!

  3. Love the hanger it looks so much better with the ribbon wrapped around it!!! I love the dress too but you already knew that. xoxo


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