Friday, February 22, 2013

From a Poetic Word Path to the HomeGoods Store

I was side tracked by JOY this week! 

Perfect for Today's Word Path. Here is my first post of this week as I was celebrating finding out that my work could be found in Marshalls/HomeGoods stores. My sister had been out shopping and she called to tell me the news. It went kinda like this......."you need to pull over and check my text"! 
I did pull over and my kids and I filled the car with laughter, giggles and OMGs and lots of joy. How fun to have that moment. We couldn't wait to get  home to share with my husband. 

The words found in the work were so appropriate too!
Here is my original piece. I took pieces of my poem to produce the Happiest Collection. 

I added The "All My Yesterdays Gave Me" today from a piece I made for my original blog post here back in 2011 and this wire rendering of the words as well.
All My Yesterdays in Wire     by Velásquez©2011

I truly believe that we pull from our our foundation, our history to make the "who" we  become each day.


Here are my word paths for today

The Happiest Collection by Velásquez© 2012

Happy Weekend • Life is Now • Enjoy the Language of Words

Thank you for stopping by.

This is "Where Art and Beauty Meet Lifestyle"©
Thought this art was so perfect for this post. Proud as a peacock!

Colorful Peacock                                                       by Velásquez©2012

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  1. accident. You made this happen, and the whole Tribe is beaming with glee for you!!!!! Celebration in order!

    1. Thanks sweetie! I appreciate all the support from this group. These e-courses sure have great friendship benefits!!

  2. Congrats, that's awesome news, so happy for you!!!

  3. This is way cool! Congrats, Deborah!! Well deserved!


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