Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Photograph, A Pen and A Print

At my desk I have a work in progress, I am back to sketching and getting ready to carve. After a very busy few days finishing up some prints I am excited to create something new.
I found my inspiration in a photograph by my friend Lori Moon.
 Lori, a fellow blogger, has a series called Shared Messages from the Universe on her blogLori is talented photographer and jewelry artisan. She photographs found phrases and words she comes across in her travels in the The City. 

 As a gardener I enjoy her plant and flower photography especially during these cold months as I wait for Spring. I had such fun sketching this allium-like flower with a beautiful flower pod in a lantern shape. I made loose and tight sketches looking for a direction to start carving in. I will explore the shape and line aspects of this plant, very much like the echinacea flower post, I will do two carvings and print one highlighting line and the other in shape.
To make things less confusing I put an X in spots I plan to cut

Photograph by Lori Moon©, used with permission, all rights reserved.
 I call this my fun and discovery stage. I fell absolutely in love with this bulb, onion shape. 
I cut the shape out and played with layout and layering  ideas. 
I kept seeing a curvy stripe happening, so I am going to explore this and cut a  block in a stripe design. It's a must, I get goose bumps looking at the curved stripe possibility. 
This is much like the stripe inspiration from my bird carving here, and I like how that turned out. I will work out the design in the next few posts. Stay tuned.

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Plant Sketches by Velásquez

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  1. Absolutely love way you interprate an image making it even enchanting than the original image-Absolutely love. -This was best of the BEST!
    Happy valentines to you!


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