Friday, February 8, 2013

Word Path • Wonder

Wonder Artwork and Flower Tile by Velásquez

Today's Word Path came about in a round about way with bits of conversations here and there with friends on Face book. Words went back and forth and I kept thinking oh, that's a pretty word, oh I like that word and so on. That is how my Word Paths start usually. 

A conversation happens or a word catches my eye and it grows into something and I can't get it out of my head. One of my favorite words is wonder and it was part of the conversation and it brought me back to my first blogpost. 

Here are some words from my first post....

Wonder, one of my favorite words. I am full of wonder as I move forward in my creative life. 
wonder how things will go as I continue in my journey and progression as an artist. 

wonder what I might I create? 
wonder if my work will bring someone joy? 
What I do know is that I love to make art,
I know this what I should be doing. 
What I do know is that the word wonder can become wonderful

Do you ever wonder when you are going to become
who you are meant to be?

Now as I look at my first post it is as if I am looking at my younger self! 

Everyone has a word path. One word leads to another.
Word Paths, a Friday feature showcasing possibilities in written words, creative process and artistic pieces. 
My goal is to present three to five words or three to five lines. 
I may go to seven words or seven lines but probably not often, only if needed. 
I plan to work the Word Paths out artistically and process them to share with you here. 
You can go here, to my first post on this project and see how it all started.

Lots of warm up word sketching. First on butcher paper then on better watercolor paper. 
This exercise is very loose and freeing


Inspired by Conversations with Wind Gypsy and Polished by conversations with Jewel. Thank You. For the Word Path I used two words that I find beauty in, wonder and everlasting. 
The wanderers, the seekers, and the artists have the gift of wonder which leads them on their journeys.....ALWAYS.
Here is my word path for today 

Everlasting Wonder                                                                                           by Velásquez©2013

Happy Weekend • Wonder • Enjoy the Language of Words

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