Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inspiration, Gifts from friends and Pattern Love to Share

The Victoria and Albert Colour Books

Just had to share these wonderful books which present selections held by the Department of Design, Prints and Drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum.
I was lucky enough to receive these as a gift from my very good friend, MIss Jane. She is a a fabulous artist and teacher, forever guiding and mentoring.

I am just coming to the end of a fabulous week which started with unpacking from a very successful show. This week has been quite fun in connecting with customers and filling orders and hanging another group of work. Feeling very grateful. I am getting back to making more art with tomorrow's Word Path, really looking forward to that!

I gifted myself some time to spend looking through these pattern design books. These books were first printed in the UK in 1988. I have two box sets.

First Group of V & A Colour Books
Novelty Fabrics, Thirties Floral Fabrics, Japanese Stencils and Design for Shawls.

Second Group of V & A Colour Books

Patters for Textiles, Floral Borders, Tile Paintings, and Patterns for Papers.

The book come four to a box. Boxes have marbleized paper covers.

These Three are my Favorites
These are my favs because of I love printmaking, love the simple and graphic lines of cut paper and of course florals all day long!

A Selection of Covers, Plates and Endpapers

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  1. PURE HEAVEN!!!! What a wonderful gift! Enough inspiration to keep you in the studio for years!! Don't forget about your family!! :-)

  2. Wow wow!!! Tell me this is a give away and 'am so in!

  3. thank you for sharing these! now i need to find out how/where to get them in the US!

  4. Introduce me to the teacher. I need a gift like that. And you, obviously, did deserve it all, my dear. Keep the grat work.


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