Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sketching as Deadlines Loom, "The Sketchbook Project"

 I have signed up for a local sketchbook project and have been busy filling my Moleskine sketchbook with my beloved flower motifs. What I love about projects such as these is that they give you so much material for future designs. If you need to build your motif design library I highly recommend signing for a Sketchbook Project. Whether it is the one from Brooklyn, New York or through your local Arts organization, it is so worth it! I did the New York one back in 2011, you can view it here if you would like.
I have been playing a lot with vine type line. These make great backgrounds for large layered florals in Surface Pattern Design 


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  1. Wow Deborah!!! I really love your style and how you translate ideas onto paper-Inspired!

  2. Love your work Deborah! Think I'll go and get my sketchbook and have a bit of drawing time now =)

  3. Very nice sketches Deborah! They are really inspiring me to do some sketching today as well.. Would love to see your final print designs with these sketches.Thanks for sharing:)

  4. You have a really emotive and organic way of drawing! It's really interesting to see sketchbook ideas and how they eventually turn into patterns :)


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