Friday, April 12, 2013

Word Path • I Love You 4567 Explained

At my desk today paint, pencil and MORE. Playing with I Love You and a child's funny misinterpretation of a word inspires some new word art.

Everyone has a word path. One word leads to another.
Word Paths have  been a Friday feature showcasing possibilities in written words, creative process and artistic pieces from the beginning of my blog You can go here, to my first post on this project and see how it all started.

Here are My Word Paths for Today 

I Love You More                                         by Velásquez©2013

I Love You Too                                       by Velásquez©2013

I Love You 4567                                         by Velásquez©2013

Most have probably have said these words many times back and forth with their children.....
 I love you, I love you more.....So the story goes like this with my three year old:

My Son: Mom, I LoveYou

Me: I Love You More

My Son: Mom, I Love you

Me:  I Love You too sweetie (he thought I said two)

My Son: I Love You 4567

Happy Weekend • I Love You • Enjoy the Language of Words
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I Love You       by Velásquez©2013

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  1. My 5 year old says "I love you 100" all the time! Now I know why. I never realized he might think too is "two". Great story!


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