Friday, April 26, 2013

Word Path • Back to the The Basics and Conversations with Friends

 My desk just bursting with love! As I have mentioned before I am in show mode. I am creating not just flowers but words, words and more words.
Everyone has a word path. One word leads to another.
Word Paths have  been a Friday feature showcasing possibilities in written words, creative process and artistic pieces from the beginning of my blog You can go here, to my first post on this project and see how it all started.

Here is My Word Path for Today 
Three simple words that say and give so much

I love You                                                                          by Velásquez©2013

The word love has been the topic of conversation these past few days with two of my favorite people to bounce ideas off of, Jewel and Kerry. My two friends both happen to be writers and creative spirits. 

Why Love? 
Why does it pop into mind and onto Word Paths so often? 

When I think about Love, I think about:
what it is?
how does it feel?
what has it been at different times in life?
what has it been at different ages and stages of life?

Doesn't everyone think about what could have been?
what was?
what is?
what it should be?
what they hope it will be?


We talked about how you are surrounded by love at all times. Love is endless space. 
That was a good one Jewel!

So what is the scope of your love? 
I love this question, thanks Kerry. 

I will play with this question in an exercise called automatic writing, suggested by Jewel.  

Here is my first one : The scope of your love fills my embrace

My favorite from our conversations....
Love is when your child blows you a kiss and you catch it and put in your heart forever.

Happy Weekend • Say I Love You • Enjoy the Language of Words

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This vintage album was a gift from my friend Jewel!

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