Monday, October 24, 2011


Grabbing last bits of beauty in the garden before the frost.


Nature and its gifts of beauty no matter the season are truly awesome. 
As an artist the offerings from nature with color, texture and beauty inspire the creative spirit.

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  1. Hoy acabe de ver todos los blogs del hop de BYW. El tuyo fue el ultimo cerre con broche de oro. Y fui bastante para atras como saber que hablas español.
    ps tu escribiste eso de segundo minuto...... ahora? me encanto

  2. Beautiful photographs. Love your sketches.

  3. Hi Deborah - I love your work. Wish you were still in Brooklyn...but where you are now must be so inspiring for you! I'm in BYW class also - found your blog through it!. What camera and lenses are you using? Would love to know (as I am about to take the plunge to buy a SLR camera!)

    Glad to know you through your blog - you are very talented!


    PS - I have yet to do what Holly has suggested on my blog - in the midst of a big revamp and plan for my blog!

  4. Deborah, it seems we are on the same page. I posted about my water lilies and nature's gifts yesterday on my blog. These flowers, and your artwork, are lovely.

  5. Hi Deborah, Cosmos are one of my favorites. So beautiful. I love how nature inspired your art.

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Deborah - love your sketches and your photos! It is great to see you blogging more.

  7. Good morning Deborah, and welcome to Casa de Retalhos!

    What a beautiful blog you have, your work is so pretty.

    I am a Brazilian who has lived in Connecticut for the past 16 years, and I'm glad you have joined my blog.

    I'm leaving to work now, but I want to come back here to explore your beautiful space.

    So long


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