Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Invitation

Photo from the gallery in Ecriture Infinie 
I came across the Ecriture Infinie project over at the Black Eiffel blog. One of my reads.
I immediately fell in love with the idea, the project and the video of the artist Bili Bidjocka. It reminded me how words inspire me and very often come up in my work. I have a Friday feature called Word Paths. Three to Seven words processed and artistically presented to the reader. I take the reader from inspiration to the final piece. I thought this project and my work were a perfect match. I toyed with the idea of posting to the gallery.
Then I thought, it would be great to extend the invitation to artist and non artist alike to participate as well.

I am truly inspired by this project and I invite you to participate in this word and world journal. 
 The celebration of writing is presented in an art project by Bili Bidjocka and curated by Simon Njami, called Ecriture Infinie.
Ecriture Infinie explores the written word in a global fashion
There are eight giant-sized books made of blank, silent pages open and waiting to be filled. 
It has me so excited I might  just burst! 
Meet the artist, Bili Bidjocka and the curator Simon Njami as they speak about their work. 
The gallery of Ecriture Infinie  is the perfect place to leave your mark. I love that no mater the language, there is  something to say, something to express. From post it notes to chalkboards, the canvas is ever changing as you travel through your day. In the gallery you will find a collection of images, a collection of words from sophisticated to childlike that will absolutely delight. 
The words  are written, painted, scribbled and scrawled and more importantly shared.

Photo from the gallery in Ecriture Infinie


Silence Without Words in Sepia              by Velásquez©2011

Get the word out. I am. I am going to leave my mark with,
 "There is only silence without words", the piece I shared in Friday's post of Word Paths.
 Join me, leave yours here. Visit the gallery .
Photo from the gallery in Ecriture Infinie


  1. Deb, this is so AWESOME! It also is right in line with the book I'm researching (the lost art of letterwriting). Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  2. this is cool. just posted mine!

  3. Hi Deborah!

    I love this post, the expression of art in words is truly amazing and it shows how powerful words can be! Thank you for sharing this! I'm very happy to drop in, and stay for a while, fellow BYW'er. Thank you so much for visiting my little blog as well. :-)

  4. I was just heading to bed...but now it looks like I am going to be up for a little while longer checking this out! Thank you:)) (been gone for a few days - looking forward to catching up with everyone!) Julie

  5. Think I may dive in on Friday. One to take part in such a cool project and two, to connect with your Word Paths. You have inspired me. I will make sure and mention both in my post and let you know.

  6. What a wonderful project. I love words and art as well. I feel like I can never choose between them! You've shown such a nice way of not having to do that.


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