Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Inspiration-Gifts from Nature

Nature is what you see plus what you think about it.  -John Sloan

This is the season where we are most color aware, more than any time of year. We trade in our shells, beach stones, walks in the sun and sand for leaves, sticks, acorns and cool and crisp air. We are in gathering mode, the children and myself, collecting beautiful leaves and dried flowers for fun projects. This season is touched, experienced and recorded in that expression or wonderment on their faces. 
You hear a lot of "wow mommy"! 

We walk through color everyday in our lives. 
Go ahead and grab some.

Great resource books, Leaves In Myth  Magic &Leaves in Myth, Magic & Medicine by Alice Thomas Vitale Leaves and Pods by Mary Ellen Hannibal, photography by Josie Iselin.

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