Wednesday, October 5, 2011

IF: Hibernate

For Illustration Friday • Hibernate
She waits watchfully while the forest and fauna sleep.


  1. I really love the simplicity of this. Fabulous!

    Unfortunately I find the documentation a little darker on one side than the other which detracts a little from it, but not too much. I'd just watch that in the future :D

  2. Beautiful, Deborah! I really like the little owl...glad you are finding ways to use her!

  3. Fiona,
    Thanks for stopping in and thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

  4. You've inspired to make my own stamp using a flower pattern that I created and made into a silver pendant. (and eventually I will have a jewelry line - pendant, earrings, bracelet, rings etc) Making the stamp will allow me to print the pattern on packaging, etc. So, exciting!

  5. I love it..Are you going to sell it? would make a great print...or note card..etc..lovely!

  6. I love how you put one single owl alone its like everyone in the day has dissappeard I would like it if you put five owls together then they would not be lonely

  7. Lori- great idea for packaging. A Nice personal touch. Customers will love that!

    Lisa Michelle-I will probably make more prints and develop a series. That is the plan!

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    I love your idea of adding more owls in the forest scene.

    P.S. This discussion sounds familiar. Like one over pancakes before school this morning??? Then someone borrowed my computer at 7:00....ummm

    I love that you are my biggest fan!
    love you lots,

  9. i was about to post a comment about your lovely lone owl, but now I have to agree with anonymous because it sounds like he knows best! I love that!


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