Monday, December 5, 2011

Small Stuff

Up to the usual with my stamps but on a small scale this time. 
I needed to make cards for the holidays. I love this abstract tree that I used in my piece with Mr OwlIt is a motif that can be used many times over and in a variety of ways. I used chipboard stock and envelopes for materials. I am partial to anything that resembles butcher paper! At first I liked the simplicity of a single tree, but the more I looked at it seemed lonely and lost. I felt I should add something and that something happens to be a bird. I used a white rubber eraser to make the small bird stamp. In the photo it is sitting on the stack of cards to the right. 
I ran out of carving block material, so I "borrowed" my sons eraser and it worked!

Trial run with the stamps. The addition of the bird works well, love it!

Handmade holiday card set ready to go, I made five per pack.

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  1. I love the addition of the bird!

  2. You are so clever, Deborah! Love your little Christmas cards.

  3. Sweet little birds in a tree. Not much better than that. :)

  4. Simple yet beautiful cards. The addition of the birds really makes the cards.

  5. I love anything with a bird! Lovely cards, simple and beautiful!

  6. They came out GREAT. And, great problem solving by u ... using the eraser :)


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