Friday, December 23, 2011

Word Paths • Our Words


Everyone has a word path. One word leads to another.
Word Paths, a Friday feature showcasing possibilities in written words, creative process and artistic pieces. 
My goal is to present three to five words or three to five lines. 
I may go to seven words or seven lines but probably not often, only if needed. 
I plan to work the Word Paths out artistically and process them to share with you here. 
You can go here, to my first post on this project and see how it all started.

Since day one my Word Path words have been my own, but for today's post I thought I would use our words. I decided as always to make art with what comes to mind. For whatever reason these words kept dancing in my thoughts. I find Peace, Love and Joy to be gorgeous words. They sit on a page so well and so sure. These words I find, we share most often during the holidays to define our wishes and our hopes as we head in the new year. 
Have a loving, peaceful and joyous holiday.

Here is my word path for today 

Peace Love Joy

Happy Weekend • Peace, Love and Joy • Enjoy the Language of Words

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  1. I love how you put the simplest of words together. The colors you chose are so happy. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Happy Holidays!

  2. Peace, love, and joy to you too!!!! These are gorgeous words!

  3. to you also. let our 2012 be filled with many fine adventures that bring peace, love, and joy to us and to others. also sending you some relaxation. n

  4. those are my three favorite words :)


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