Friday, December 2, 2011

Word Path • Hold Me....


Everyone has a word path. One word leads to another.
Word Paths, a Friday feature showcasing possibilities in written words, creative process and artistic pieces. 
My goal is to present three to five words or three to five lines. 
I may go to seven words or seven lines but probably not often, only if needed. 
I plan to work the Word Paths out artistically and process them to share with you here. 
You can go here, to my first post on this project and see how it all started.

My supplies for the day. My trusty palette, liquid frisket for knock out effect of type, my all time favorite gouache for the background wash and the throwaway brush for the frisket. 


I have a few versions to share as I progressed to my final pick.
I had fun with these, all pieces are done on watercolor paper. I used frisket in art school, but I haven't thought about it in years until I was inspired by fellow blogger Lynn Richards. She authors a blog called BlueSkies. In one of her Art Everyday Month pieces she used frisket. I like having options in working out my Word Paths artistically while maintaining my style.

This last version still has the frisket where all the letters appear to be brown. I liked this brown on black effect so I stopped before removing the frisket to photograph it. I like to mix brown and black in outfits I put together to wear maybe that is why it appeals to me! The frisket has been pulled off where the letters appear white. Random in design but effective I believe. This version inspires me to paint brown type on black for future projects.

Here is my word path for today 

Hold Me for All Time
                                                                                                              Hold Me for All Time    Velásquez©2011

I love the romance of these words. They feel like an old film. Time, ever elusive stands still for that second of that embrace, that hug, that snuggle, that welcome, that hold.

Happy Weekend • Hold onto Someone Tightly • Enjoy the Language of Words

All images and content belong to Deborah Velásquez. Copyright 2005-2011.  All rights reserved.
Please do not use anything without permission or without making note of the origin on on your blog or website.


  1. Um, I guess I'll have to give the frisket a try. Can it be used with acrylics?

    These word - definitely something I'm trying to do these days.

  2. i love it! it is very romantic and I love the reference to an old black and white maybe silent film!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all phases of this piece and love the final pick!

  4. Ann Marie,
    I am sure it can be used with acrylics.


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