Friday, December 30, 2011

Word Paths • Words for 2012


Everyone has a word path. One word leads to another.
Word Paths, a Friday feature showcasing possibilities in written words, creative process and artistic pieces. 
My goal is to present three to five words or three to five lines. 
I may go to seven words or seven lines but probably not often, only if needed. 
I plan to work the Word Paths out artistically and process them to share with you here. 
You can go here, to my first post on this project and see how it all started.

I talk a lot about one's history, one's yesterdays. Your past is your retrospective, your collection open to contemplation and reflection. Celebrating the small bits of good in the sometimes not so good. Our past offers such great foundations to stand on as we move forward to many a new day. 
We have our:
Lessons learned
Ideas worked out 
Techniques mastered
Corners turned
Alleys travelled 
Paths taken

We take the past, remix it and re-imagine it. We collect the past and create anew.

As 2012 approaches many are reflecting on the past and looking toward the future. In conversations with friends there has been this question posed , what is your word for 2012? The word I have chosen is the word new. Today's Word Path has a variation of the word, the word is anew, meaning, afresh, in a new or different form, once more in a new manner or form.
 I am looking forward to 2012 and all the new it will bring.
New journeys
New experiences
New friendships
New Spirit
New Days
New Dawns

Here is my word path for today 

Collect the past....                                                               by Velásquez©2011

Happy Weekend • Create anew • Enjoy the Language of Words

I plan on bringing in the New Year with a little Nina Simone. Enjoy!

All images and content belong to Deborah Velásquez. Copyright 2005-2011.  All rights reserved.
Please do not use anything without permission or without making note of the origin on your blog or website.


  1. I love Nina Simone! Love the words too! We all need to use them.

  2. love this...words are my favorite things

    happy new year!

  3. Great words, hope you have an awesome 2012. Thank you for your friendship in 2011.

  4. Happy new year to you Deborah! I've enjoyed your "words" and your lovely work this past year....look forward to more newness!

  5. I love this whole idea of word paths. Have a wonderful New Year and I will "see" you next year!

  6. Wow...hadn't heard of her, thanks! May this be a prosperous and fruitful year for you! My best wishes.


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