Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Small Bits of Inspiration

 Hello friends, I'm back from my blog break. Here we are into our third day of January, it is already moving fast isn't it? I am feeling recharged, inspired and ready to embrace 2012  with all the "New" it has to offer. During my break I did not create much art, all my creative energy was spent on decorating, finishing up orders with printing and framing. Everyone at my house was on holiday vacation, so after the last of the orders were mailed we had fun reconnecting, hanging out with friends and family, watching movies, reading new books, flipping through new magazines and eating great food! 

I picked up some fun bits of inspiration while in New York. I stopped into a favorite bookstore in Brooklyn called Powerhouse Arena. I have a collection of mini creative calendars from Snow & Graham and I couldn't resist picking up these for 2012 while there. I picked the "mini" calendar with a case that folds open to display each month and the small accordion calendar which you can hang on a wall. I enjoy the graphic simplicity of their design and their color stories are fun and sophisticated. 

I also had the chance to stop into the West Elm store and I came across this small ceramic soap dish with a graphic I just love for its throw back to Seventies design. I will put my new finds on my studio desk for inspiration. 

Now that I am back online, sort to speak I plan to go and visit my online community and reconnect anew!
Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your support and following in 2011.

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  1. Happy New Year gorgeous girl! May 2012 bring you much love, happiness & the fruition of your artistic dreams and aspirations xxx

  2. Deborah; great that you took a break, and I love to see what you're posting. I absolutely adore Snow 7 Graham; I used their stationery for my wedding. Love the retro mod graphic too!

  3. Why hello there! I was wondering when you would be back. I hope your new year is filled with lots of love, health and happiness.....and an abundance of creative energy:) Julie

  4. I am ready to get back into my blog reading routine. I got a little rusty over the holidays and I am having a hard time getting into a good routine again. Your blog is one I always enjoy, so I am glad to know lots of good posts from you will be coming our way.

  5. Very beautiful work! I am glad you left your traces, they lead me here. A sub, definitely I am now.


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