Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodbye to Summer

My most favorite place inspires so. 
My gift to Martha, a word portrait.

Word Portrait of Martha's Vineyard                                                                           Velásquez


Letting some guilt go because I am a bit off schedule in posting. 
A self-imposed schedule of course. Still getting my feet wet. 
Took the art detour this week, making art is always a good idea.
Worked on some Word Art, which I will be putting into my Etsy shop.
I have added some new magnets and owls, I hope you stop by.

We are into the first full week of school. It starts a bit later for us.
Those first few days of school always signify the end of summer days for me. 
With the school supplies bought, getting that first Halloween catalogue in the mail and the 
mums coming out in full force at the garden center, you know change is coming. 
A shift, a transition.
 I looked out the window and saw a few leaves floating through the air. 
Yup fall is coming.
Aquinnah                                                                                                                                                                            Velásquez
Waving good-bye to summer…

last pickings from the garden,
the closing of the town lake,
saying goodbye to our summer friends,
late sunsets,
toasting marshmallows at the fire pit,
sleeping in, especially sleeping in,
drives to the beach,
blasting the ac,
singing our summer tunes,
putting on longer sleeved shirts,
grabbing a jacket as nights get cooler,
getting the big thick issue of September Vogue
packing the car and driving to the ferry

The Ferry                                                                                                  Velásquez

Rituals change, the leaves change and we are forever changed with our summers. 
Good things happen, and not so good things happen, life happens.
All things nicely placed and packed in our suitcase of memories so we can learn, recollect and reminisce.

Getting on the ferry and saying goodbye to the Vineyard always means end of summer for me. 
Saying goodbye to that special place.

Eight more days of summer.
Hello fall.

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  1. So much goodness here Deborah. I so enjoy your posts, words, art and images. You are a good soul, I can tell.


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