Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspiration-A Visual Collection

Here is a Visual Collection of Inspiration from my trip to Anthropologie. I needed to get out of the forest.

An owl greeted me the door.

I was at home feeling antsy, I needed to get out and find some inspiration and change my visuals. 
Anthropologie is always a good source of inspiration for me because they do such a great job of putting creative visuals throughout the store. 
They all tie back to artist all over the world. 
Be it through the books, clothes, house and home, cards or stationery it never fails me.
When you step back and look at the store as a whole it looks like one huge painting.

Painted and stamped cardboard bound journal.

Good design inspires me so, I love that state of excitement. As an artist you see color combinations, craftsmanship, textures, design, displays, vignettes and or products that light you. There is a spark that runs through your creative soul and pushes you to make art. Your art becomes an expansion of those ideas that you brushed up against.

Powers of observation within the artist are pretty keen I find. We see things others do not. This power of observation is found in comedians as well. Ummmm. There is a saying I have never really liked ... "can't see the forest for the trees". I understand what it means but I always think to myself...  I see both! 
I process it differently.

Dyed fabric strips as wall display.
Texture • Texture • Texture

Crocheted birdhouse.
Textured pillow.
Burlap pillow for display only.

Sewn paper.
I have spent a lot  money on things that inspire me, the colored bowls, tea towels, floral brooches, a bit of kitsch from the flea, textiles, stationery, cards, books etc... you know what I mean. I realized two things. The first is that when all these things sit in my studio amongst my work and it all seems to go together. I believe that in the inspiration we surround ourselves with, has the same sensibilities and style as our work. 
I tend gravitate to the same things, in regards to color especially.
The second realization is that I am usually satisfied with a photo of the thing, the object. I can own it but in a visual way. 
This does save me a bit of money.
 I still buy the books though, I can never give up the books.

Wall display made of hangers.

Colored pencils.

New mag and new book. Letters from the flea market. Leaf from nature.

While there I picked Anthology Magazine. Love this substance and style mag started by blogger Anh-Minh Le. I also found this wonderful book called The Native Trees of Canada by Leanne Shapton that I just had to have. Her work and style makes you want to break out the paints. So beautiful and rich in color.

Color • Color • Color

Chartreuse color stories in jewelry and calendars

Appliqué lampshade
Painterly floral fabric
Graphic floral dress
Flowers for your year
Embroidered tea towel.

Painted canvas covered journal.


The end of the day filled full with with browsing, photographing and devouring inspiration, brought an even better surprise. 
My husband bought me a great gift, Sibella Court's, The Stylist's Guide to NYC. I love her work. She is a props/interior stylist from Australia. She collects, creates and writes. She also owns a store in Sydney called The Society Inc. 
I hope to get there someday. 
I first heard of her when she was featured on Man Shops Globe on the Sundance Channel. The show follows Kieth Johnson, buyer-at-large for Anthropologieas he travels around the world searching for furniture, textiles and decorative pieces. 
He also finds artist and crafts people who may find their work featured in the store.

The sepia tone photography invites you to walk through the pages.

Hope you were inspired as I was. 
Create • Imagine • Dream 


  1. AWESOME! So, so inspirational! Thank you;D

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that. I dont have an Anthro near me anymore, and love that youve brought it here!

  3. I am always ready to share inspiration, so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for checking in on blog avenue!

  4. Oh thank you for that. One of my favorite stores and it is over 3 hours away...and another country! I already have my shopping list planned for my Nov 10th visit...sad, but true! Julie


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