Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricane Interruptus

Trying to write about something else today.
Trying all week to sit and write! To be honest my time was stolen and or lost.
I do want to stay true to the artistic conversation in this blog but the storm and 
what came from it kept gnawing at me, so I am sharing this.

Fury at the front door
New England was in Irene’s path on Sunday and as you can see from the photos, quite scary. 
We are back to normal now and have power. 
The water quickly receded once the rain seized.
Back to calm
This week I have been trying to get back on track back and on schedule. 
I was thrown off my game, thrown off center. 
When you lose a few days, as know, the to do list moves to the next day and so on. 
 The best-laid plans are tossed up in the air. 
I am here to say that in the end it was a great experience. 
It was right up there with a snow day. 
We stayed put for part of the time and enjoyed the quiet time and 
the silence of not being plugged in.

We had friends up from NY because parts of Brooklyn had a mandatory evacuation. 
I felt awful because they came up to our place only to witness flooding and downed trees. 
For future reference my house is not the go to house during storms. 
In spite of it all we had a great time. 
The kids played, we read mags ( favorite pastime for my friends and myself) 
had a few glasses of wine, enjoyed a nice meal and just relaxed. 
I just love that sometimes it takes a hurricane!

So, gift wrapped in chaos and uncertainty came an expected surprise 
to slow you down and witness joy and a few more things:


Glad to be back at the desk, my new writing spot….

I plan on giving you some artistic food for thought next week and plan to share more art. 
I am also working on introducing a fun Friday concept 
centered around words and the paths they take. 
So stop back in.

Have a Superb Weekend • Stay Creative • Make lots of Art


  1. Isn't it sad that sometimes it takes a natural disaster of sorts to get us all to slow down a little and just enjoy life. Looking forward to you new "concept" idea. Enjoy the long weekend.

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts - such a way with words. It is fun to hear how you made the best of things - and what a beautiful yard, even it it does flood sometimes!

  3. Ann Marie and Kathleen,
    Thanks for stoping by again. Sometimes your forced to make the best of things. It was a great lessson for the older kids because they are plugged in ten times more because of all that is available to them. I just love any excuse to curl with a mag!!! Thanks my friends!

  4. Hi Deborah, I am glad you and the family and your friends are safe. Natural disasters are scary. It is good though that you were able to find all of the good things still around you! Nicely written.


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