Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sharing Inspiration

I have had some great days. My days have been peppered with Eric Carle's Brown Bear Brown Bear and some Kevin Henkes  Birds thrown into the mix with the little one. I have also been spending time with my oldest child and making art. 
I love when I find the balance between being a mom and a working artist. 

I took some time to spend with my oldest son sans the baby. My boy thanked me for it while at dinner and said the loveliest thing. “Mom I savor these moments, when it is just you and me.” Sweet kid. Just hearing this makes life so wonderful and joyous. 
My heart, silent with love.

Angie Lewin article in Handmade Living         •         Angie Lewin  Linocut Card, Scarista on my desk

During our outing we made a magazine stop of course because my oxygen was running low, you know me and mags! 
I picked up the latest issue of Handmade Living and Vogue Living Australia. Both never fail to inspire me. 
Handmade Living was a must have because one of 
my favorite artists was interviewed in it, her name is Angie Lewin. Angie is a printmaker from the UK. 
Her linocut prints are so gorgeous. 
Graphic yet softened by their setting in nature. Her plant forms are delightful. She has a fabric line that can be found at St.Jude's Fabric and her designs can be found in cards and noteboooks and pillow covers as well. She founded the St.Jude's Fabric company with her husband. I keep one of her cards at my desk, it just lights me up. 
Here she is at work. 

Take a minute to enjoy the video. 
Love the process. 

Here is her website:


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful artist. I want to make prints! As for your love/obsession with magazines, I may have you beat. I'm a self-professed magazine addict. I subscribe to 10 and buy them too off the news stand. They literally stack up a foot or two on my nightstand before I go through them and recycle.

  2. She's so focused. When I really started dreaming about sharing my art with the world, I knew I loved stamps, but wanted my own images. So a few weeks ago, I jumped in a bought a few supplies to get me started. I love the carving. But seeing what it looks like once it is printed can be the best part of the process. Thanks for sharing this. I love watching other's in their process.

  3. I have always admired her work, but wasnt quite sure of the process. I enjoyed the vide~all the more appreciative of her work now.

  4. mom it fills me with joy every time you post on the blog it is awsome that your popularity is growing every time you post

  5. i had a hard time getting in to printmaking in art school, which makes me admire those who do it well that much more! thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and sharing your kind words.

  6. So glad everyone enjoyed the video. I love inspiration and I love to share it as well. Inspiration at times is just the spark we need to get us moving! Thank you for stopping in and putting letters together that formed into lovely words. Much appreciated!


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