Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art Every Day Seventeen • Leaves and Trees

Spent part of the day drawing trees and leaves. They make great motifs in design. Drawing is a very soothing exercise for me. Great process to begin a piece of work with and become engaged with the subject . I escape, relax and learn. 
It is creative research.

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  1. I love seeing your process, Deb. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Your trees are awesome! I feel very much the same when I draw; at peace, relaxed, it's very healing in a way. My husband Michael often sees me drawing dots, lines, tiny repetetive detail and comments "how can you sit there and do that?". But it's just so meditative and a real unwinding for me I love it! I was thinking of you yesterday while I was drawing and thought what a shame we live so far away not even in the same would be so nice to be able to catch up for a cuppa and a chat. Have a lovely weekend gorgeous girl! Liza xxx

  3. I love the grouping of leaves. Each one is so perfect!

  4. Trees have been a long time love of mine. Both in nature and in my art. Loving yours.

  5. the trees are fantastic and the leaves great too... but the trees have really got my attention... scrolled back twice to look at them xx


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