Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art Every Day Thirty • Mosaic of Art Everyday

 The Art Everyday Month Challenge comes to a close today. 
made the commitment to make art everyday. 
My final piece is a mosaic featuring art made during the month of November. 
I can step back and see what was accomplished in thirty days. 
Not the easiest of tasks but what fun it was to get the creativity going. 
Thank you to Leah Piken Kolidas, blog author of Creative Every Day Blog for putting together the AEDM challenge. 
I met many wonderful artists and enjoyed seeing everyones work and beautiful blogs. Many of my friends from Kelly Rae Robert's Flying Lessons e-course participated as well. It is always fun to make art alongside your friends.

The challenge was a good artistic discipline to follow. 
I learned that even if you only have an hour to make art, make that hour count. 
If you have young children as I do, that might be all the time you get in a day.
I rely on chip board and butcher paper to make art a lot of the time. 
I have to work fast and embrace the imperfections in my art as character. 
You know the spills, drips an smudges! 
Another lesson learned this month was that as an artist we can create anywhere.
During the challenge we experienced a Nor'easter displacing my family for nine days. 
I took my traveling studio, made the best of it and made art at a friend's. 
She happens to be an artist as well, so she welcomed my mess. 

Do you create art in other places other than your studio?
If you participated in this challenge what growth or insight did you experience?

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  1. What a great idea! How did you make that? Love it...

  2. Julie,
    I made it in Picasa (photo editing program), free download from Google. I wanted to use an editing program called Picnik, but the mosaic feature is a premium, not free.

  3. Great idea to a photo mosaic of your month of art.

  4. Hi Deborah,
    I love your personal challenge of making art everyday for a month and I am really liking what you are doing. I may take up this challenge myself. Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  5. This is wonderful!! What a wonderful way to celebrate your month of 'creating'! Love it!!!

  6. Your collage is stunning! We all did get lots accomplished this month!!!! What have I learned? To push through the "ugly" parts - the time limits really motivated me!

  7. It looks great!!! Perfect idea, Deborah:)


  8. Wonderful idea! Your art is beautiful individually and as a collection. Good job!

  9. So pretty! I want to give it a try! Thanks for sharing, Deborah...

  10. Your art every day collage is great! Your work is modern, graphic but with a vintage feel... love it!

    I haven't given picasa a try yet but heard it's quite good. I do have the premium version of picnik and am enjoying it.

  11. Look at everything you did! This is amazing. Plus, it all looks so good together. What a wonderful collage.

  12. Deborah, what a fabulous idea and BEAUTIFUL artwork!! I could so look at this every day!! Isn't it amazing to see it all together like that? Everything you've accomplished with AEDM in one month only. And such beauty. :-)
    So glad i found you via AEDM. Keep making art!

  13. What a fun way to take stock of all you've created. Very cool - and congrats on all you've accomplished this month!

  14. You AEDM art mosaic looks fantastic, Deborah! It's certainly been a fun and sometimes hectic month and it's been a great opportunity to meet other AEDM'ers too. Talent abounds!

  15. so beautiful!! your esthetic is just so distinctive. you are destined for great things!

  16. I just love your AEDM mosaic! It's wonderful to see everything all together - great idea!

  17. great idea, such a beautiful mosaic!

  18. This collage is WONDERFUL!! You should be so proud of yourself!!!

  19. What a great idea for the last day of AEDM! It was fun to go back over the journey with you - It seems like a long time ago that you were displaced due to weather. In some ways this month has flown by and in others (like posting every day) it has seemed to last forever. You can count on me coming back again and again. I love your art- not only the visual imagery, but also your wonderful writing style!

  20. Love your idea of a mosaic - I created one on my blog too. Your work is really stunning and you can see your style through it all - so lovely!!! I worked all over my house and occasionally take my studio to a park. I learned that I am a lot calmer and less anxious when I create regularly.

  21. i love this. thank you for sharing your experience! it is so inspiring! thank you thank you!

  22. Hi from BYW! Your art is beautiful and I love the collage! What a great retrospective and memory of your month!

  23. I tried to make a collage in Photoshop but I didn´t know how to do it, and then I read about your mosaic, and I was able to make one using Picasa. Thank you for sharing!

  24. What a wonderful collage, so full of creativity, and i love all the words!


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