Monday, November 21, 2011

Art Every Day Twenty One • Scribbles and Motifs

Dots and swirls drawn from inspiration found in beautiful garden gates. Will be interesting to see what patterns develop from these doodles and motifs. The swirl and circles above show up in my work, my decor, my clothes quite often. Do you find that happens with you? Are you attracted to the same motifs without even being aware of it? Just your style perhaps. I blogged about one's icon in a previous post which can be found here.

Beautiful white gate from a garden among the gingerbread cottages of Oak Bluffs in Martha's Vineyard.

Top of my wrought iron gate used for decoration in my garden.

 Front section of my wrought iron gate.

All images and content belong to Deborah Velásquez. Copyright 2005-2011.  All rights reserved.
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  1. Hi Deborah,
    I really like this blog post and your sketches. I have always had an interest in garden gates and grills. I am curious to see what you do with these. xo

  2. I have a little flower I love to draw. I fought it for awhile because it didn't look like "a flower". But it is...and it is mine. Now it shows up in lots of incarnations. Rae

  3. So pretty. Now I want to see how you use the gates in your garden!

  4. always inspired by good sketches. virtual hug

  5. Hello friends,
    I am hoping to develop this motif into a pattern. When it happens I will make sure to post it. Thank you for your lovely comments. A big hello to my new friends. So glad you stopped by.

  6. love seeing the pages where you have recorded all those lovely swirls and shapes... it will be nice to see how they come together and develop into things... can't wait xx

  7. This is such as interesting post. I'm going to be looking for motifs now!


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