Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Art Everyday Day Eight • Paris on My Mind

I just received a book called Paris Made by Hand by Australian stylist and photographer Pia Jane Bijkerk. This lovely gift was given to me this past Saturday, by one of my closest friends. Whenever we visit she always has a bag or box of "Deb" things. 
I love her found elements of inspiration, it is always Christmas! 

I started to look through the book today for inspiration and found over fifty Parisian shops celebrating the spirit of handmade traditions. Turn the pages you and walk through the shops of milliners, shoemakers, dressmakers  and moreWith each shop that is highlighted you will find their address, phone number, hours, Metro station and website if the shop has one. 

Pia gives you a brief glossary of terms en français that I would like to share with you here:

Atelier: studio/workshop
Bricoler: to make/do/adjust/repair things with your hands(DIY)
Bricoleur: the person who enjoys bricoler
Brocantes: flea markets
Chineur: someone who finds antiques and old things
Créateur: designer
Fait main: made by hand
Mercerie: boutique selling sewing and craft supplies

I love the city of Paris and I love to make and create things by hand, this combination truly lights me up. 
These Paris boards were inspired by the book.

It wouldn't be complete without Edith, The Little Sparrow

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  1. Such a beautiful post Deborah; even your layout is always clear, clean & beautiful (o:
    I LOVE Pia's work & life philosophies & have been a fan for some years now. I recently won a signed copy of her new book through Paper Runway which I'm excited about, although I'm still awaiting it's delivery. I love how you've been inspired by this delightful book and your work is simple and stunning as always (o: Liza xxx

  2. This post is lovely. Your layout, colors and beautiful words make it always a pleasure to read your blog. I love and can look for hours at Pia's photography and books.

  3. This book looks amazing! I'm going to have to pick it up. Plus, I loved the boxes at the bottom that let you see sneak peeks of other blog posts.

  4. oooola-la! What fun! Great pictures. I am inspired. I have been working on my atelier recently. Hoping to add a bit of finesse to it. This gives me a boost!

  5. Hi Deborah,
    It's lovely. The book sounds great, but your beautiful post makes me want to go to Paris.


  6. What a beautiful and inspiring gift, Deborah! Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing.

  7. Found your blog thru the BYW FB page. Beautiful post. I too have this book and 2 others Pia has written. Gorgeous photography. Off to have a look at the rest of your blog...T


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