Saturday, November 10, 2012

Art Every Day Ten • The Carving Tools Keep Calling

I am participating in Art Everyday MonthI have joined a group of creative people committing themselves to more creativity for the month of November.
Day Ten of Making Art Every Day! Making more designs with my print blocks. 
Inspired by floral stems I had sketched.

Test Print
I want to tweak this a bit and it needs more clean up. I make test prints to show where some uncut raised bits outside of design need to carved down some more. See you tomorrow with my final design and a fun print.

Stop by Leah's websiteCreative Every Day and check out fellow artist and their creations for Art Every Day Month.

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  1. Now i'm already curious to see your final design... it looks so great, really makes me want to try to make a block print too! Wow, what a coincidence, your post and bethania's one, telepathy!!

  2. OMG, your stems are alive! Love the carving technique, it ads a sense of depth and a 3rd dimension that brings the stems to live. We do share a certain aesthetic sense, dear Deborah.

  3. You know your carving stamps are just like pieces of art in themselves. If they were a bit bigger I could see hanging them up in threes on a wall.


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