Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hand Printed Echinacea and Color Play

In two previous post I have shown The SketchThe Cut and The Ink test Print.  
As I mentioned I have shared my love of the Echinacea flower iink, in gouache and I have also used the motif in a silkscreen but I have never taken the time to make a block print. 
Here is a the hand printed version of this lovely flower  in saffron, powder blue and chocolate brown inks on paper. 

Saffron and Powder Blue Echinacea, hand printed ink on paper                      by Velásquez©2013

Beauty Script                     by Velásquez©2011
Saffron and Powder Blue Echinacea Border               by Velásquez©2013

Three Dancing Beauties                by Velásquez©2013

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I Am My Own Beauty     by Velásquez©2012

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    1. Thanks Roberta!!! I so appreciate you stopping in. You make me smile and think of the Boston Days!!

  2. The colours are fabulous and I love the design layout. :)


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