Thursday, January 17, 2013

Inspired by a line, I am continuing where I left off...

I was playing with the prints I made on Tuesday, here is the post. I tried some fading techniques and I drew on the print with a thick pen. I love the strength of the line of the flowers and It inspired me to carve a small block and see how it would print.
I transferred my sketches a first using graphite on the back of my drawing paper but I made a mess! That is why I ended up drawing directly onto my block with Sharpie®.

I went ahead and carved the small blocks with different size tools for a thick and thin version to match my drawings. I cut the edges aroung the thistle- like flower design.

Here are three test prints.

I decided on this design at the end of the day. 
A mix of watercolor and relief printing.
Carved Thistle Flower                                                                   by Velásquez©2013

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  1. This is very cool! I really need to give stamp carving a go!

  2. I love this! I am inspired to do some carving myself . . . I keep putting it off because I don't have the supplies. What would you suggest I start with? xo


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