Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Flower Challenge • Paper and White

Flowers in White Paper for May Flower Challenge • Day Five

White Paper Flower for day five of The May Flower Challenge . Each day you can post your flower creation, whether it is a doodle, drawing, photograph, collage or painting. This challenge has been started by  Lori Moon, fellow blogger, talented photographer and jewelry artisan. Sign up and join in on the flower fun. Can't wait to see what you create as well! Please note: You do NOT have to participate every day. Play along on a specific day each week or only once - whatever inspires you. Join the challenge, here, it is going to be fun. 

Lori has been playing with cut paper flowers for part of her Flower Challenge so I thought I would showcase some of the paper flowers I have in my home. I am keeping it simple for the weekend. I usually don't blog on the weekends, but with the challenge I thought I would stay current. These big poufs are reminiscent of the the tissue flowers we all have made as children. Now we make tissue paper flower crafts with our children! My tissue flowers/pom poms are from Martha Stewart. They measure approximately 16 to 18 inches in diameter, so they are quite large. Here is a video tutorial if you want to make them yourself, Tissue Pom Pom Tutorial. Have fun.

Soft rounded edges make this paper flower a beauty.

Make sure to visit the other artists who are participating in the challenge at Lori Moon's websiteI love challenges like this because it helps build reference material for your body of work, it adds to your sketchbook, portfolio, motif library if you are a Surface pattern designers and so on. Make it work for you.

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  1. LOVE this! Oh, if I only had room to put anything in my apartment I would try and make one of these. FUN!


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