Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Flower Challenge • Visual Texture in Scabiosa Pods

Scabiosa Pods • May Flower Challenge • Day Twenty-Seven

The visual texture of Scabiosa for day Twenty-seven of The May Flower Challenge . 
This challenge has been started by Lori Moon, fellow blogger, talented photographer and jewelry artisan.

Scabiosa, a perrenial, also known as the pincushion flower. As you deadhead the spent flowers she rewards you with more blooms. I pulled these out of the garden to photograph because of the textural beauty. The pods definitely invite a drawing to happen. A wonderful plant to have in the garden. Scabiosa attracts birds and butterflies. It also provides a source of nectar for bees and butterflies. I love how the pods give the plant a second act after blooming. Enjoy!

Make sure to visit the other artists who are participating in the challenge at Lori Moon's websiteI love challenges like this because it helps build reference material for your body of work, it adds to your sketchbook, portfolio, motif library if you are a Surface pattern designers and so on. Make it work for you.
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  1. Love the black and white photography. Such great detail that these pods have. Thank you!
    Also, my Mom read your blog post about the book and all she did was talk about the book so I ordered her one. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful....I need to find out about monthly challenges :0)

  3. love the pods and he pictures, they do scream at you to draw them


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